Monday, September 24, 2012

Go Reality Show Classes

Need to sharpen ups some of your skills?  Well, you've got a whole month of opportunity in October.  

Each day of the Go Reality Show begins with the Daily Download.  This time offers training to our contestants and will set them up for their activities that follow over the next 24 hours. The sessions are open to all Go Realty agents. We think this will be very beneficial in tuning up your skills.  Each session is open to current agents as an audit class.  Remember the class comes to the perspectives of the contestants. We want to educate them and address their questions in our meetings, but you are encouraged and welcome to attend.  

Like most things in the Go Reality Show, flexibility is essential, so watch for changes to the curriculum.  Our tentative schedule for week 1, starting Monday, October 1st at Go Cary.  

Daily Downloads: 9-10:30 a.m. (Tuesdays may start at 8:30) 
Monday:      Take Action, What to Expect : JG, Kevin, Jill, Nam
                    (this class has low relevance to non-contestants)
Tuesday:     Advance Networking, Michelle & Zach
Wed:            Build Your Personal Blog, Kevin & Stacey
Thursday:    Attracting Sellers: Karen Roberts, Dave
Friday:         Facebook for Dollars: JG, Kevin, Jenn

Note: Jim Garman reserves the right to blow up any class based on how the spirit is moving him that day.  Pay attention for announcements on upcoming classes and locations.