Monday, September 24, 2012

Go Believes in Change

When I came to Go Realty, one of many things I have learned, Go believes in change! This is how they roll. My first thought or feeling were butterflies in my stomach.  I have never heard a company be so blunt about it! But Go wouldn't be "Go" without change. I love this about Go. I have learned to embrace and look forward to every change Go brings.

When change occurs, something is learned. You may not recognize it at first, in fact it may be several changes down the road before you know what it is, but I promise, you have learned something!
Change has occurred in my life and I have those butterflies again. I soon will be leaving Go. My husband's job will be taking us to another State. It's been a difficult decision. I hate having to leave Go, the friends I've made and my home. And then I remember, not to hate this change, but to embrace it. I HAVE learned something!  I have learned a lot. I will take all that Go believes in with me because it's what I believe too and that's why I have loved working at Go!
I still have those butterflies, only now when the sun rises I will see it from a new place, with a new perspective where I will continue to learn and Go with the change! ~ L. Irwin