Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today or contestants made a huge commitment.  They all decided to jump into the craziness of the Go Reality Show.  We had a little pregame meeting with them to cover a few basics.  One of the thing we communicated clearly: through all the activities, webisodes, and craziness, we are extremely focused on helping them grow their business this month.  The result we want is to get them connected to buyers and sellers.  

Each of the four contestants made a big commitment - in writing, no less.  The are serious about succeeding in this business and getting it done in October.  There's some mutual power in sharing their commitment letter, so here's the content. Game on! 

Okay, so there has been a lot of buzz, hype and posting. We do like to have us some fun.  The Go Reality Show, Season 2, is about to launch. Congratulations, you made the cut. We are committing considerable time, effort, and brain power to this effort. We are out to create something that will help you grow your business dramatically. We are after legendary stories and incredible sales results.  

Let’s be clear. You’re going to work your ass off. Ups, downs, and in betweens - you’ll have them all most every business day during the contest month. You’ll perform activities with more intensity than ever before. You’ll execute activities that you may not fully understand. You’ll even do some activities that stretch you well beyond your limits. Every day, you will take action on building a successful practice in real estate.  

The band is ready to roll, the lights are about to blaze, and we are going to work to make a you a Triangle Real Estate Celebrity, order of the Rock Star.  

But you got to do the work. Every day. No turning back.

Signing below, you make your mark, you acknowledge your commitment, and begin a journey we hope will inspire you all your career.


I can't help but applaud people who make such a commitment. Let's help them do special things this month. In turn, I'll bet we all enjoy the benefits.