Monday, August 6, 2012

Zip Form 6 Tricks of the Trade

Are you going cross-eyed and getting frustrated when using Zip Form 6?
Don't stress your muscles staring down your nose. We've got your back, and eyes covered! Take a clear look here and get those most frequently common questions and issues answered for you.

1. Java - Number one issue we have found:  Make sure you have the most current Java update. Do this by clicking the apple in the most upper left corner of your screen. Then select Software Update.  Apple will check for any updates your computer may need. Next, you will want to check Java.  Do this by opening Finder, then Applications, than Utilities, than Java Preferences. Once you have that window open, make sure everything has a check in it. Especially: Enable applet plug-in and Web Start applications, - that is the key. Than restart your MacBook.

2. Make sure you are going to the correct URL to sign in:
Anything else, while it may appear, at first, to be the same, will give you errors if you are not at the correct URL.  Please bookmark the one I have listed here as your correct place to login.

3.  It is also recommended that you use Firefox.  You will have the best results.  Safari will work.  Chrome DOES NOT WORK and is not supported by ZipForm.