Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yeah, but What Do We Get?

Go Reality Show, Season 2 (hereby shortened to GRS2) starts in 40 days. While getting the concept going for contestants, we have been a bit fuzzy about how our current agents can engage. Well, here's a dose of clarity.

So What’s in Season 2 That’s Good for Us?  
Glad you asked …

Here’s how it works, two levels of involvement:

Level 1 - get a work book and prospect along with everyone at Go.  Do the work, get some great new business during October.

Level 2 - be part of one of the support teams.  Each contestant has up to 4 Go Agents to support them.  We have 20 possible openings for this role, and you have be locked into the activities for the entire month of October.  Each agent teammate  has these key responsibilities:

  • Complete your Workbook daily to earn team points
  • Meet 1x a week in a 20-30 minute 1:1 with your contestant.  Support, encourage, help, maybe even kick them in the ass as needed.
  • Meet Tuesdays with your team following the Go Show to share results, be accountable, and laugh confidently at the other teams.
  • Compete for the Team Prize of $500/per agent if your contestant wins the Season.  $100/agent if your contestant gets 2nd place.  Finish 3rd - 5th?  You get a used iTunes card, but hey, you’ll have some new business.  

Level 3 - get the GRS2 tatto. Anyone? Anyone?

Other details:
  • Applications for Contestants and Team Members is open through September 10th.  
  • $100 to you for every applicant you generate; $200 if we choose them to be on the Show.
  • The Show begins bright and early on Monday, October 1st, 9:00 a.m.  Yep, you’ll want to be at Go Cary then.  Game On!