Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gretchen Mathison Photography
Wow! Go agents have the privilege of getting photographed by the incredibly talented Gretchen Mathison of Gretchen Mathison Photography. It's a relationship that Gretchen and Go Realty cherish and respect.

With our company growing in leaps and bounds, we thought it important to give agents and clients a quick run down of what they can expect from our partnership with Gretchen.

Each agent can get a full-resolution digital file or a matted & signed 5x7. The file can be used for a holiday card or to print. The file cannot be entered into any kind of a contest. The file cannot be altered other than cropping for printing.

Headshots can be used for whatever business use (headshots, websites, etc) as agents see fit.

Any picture posted online through social media needs to have photo credit in the photo description area.

Each client can have a matted & signed 5x7 print which can either be picked up directly from Gretchen directly or through Go. They are also welcome to order any other prints from the online web gallery.

Agents can get 50% off any prints/products they would like to order.

For our convenience, Gretchen will send me your files in a Dropbox folder that I will share with you. These files can be shared on Facebook, blogs, etc. Each will have a small watermark with her website and should not be cropped off the image.

We sincerely you hope you enjoy this special time where you and your loved ones can smile, laugh, goof off together, and have those memories captured by an artist to cherish for years to come!