Thursday, August 9, 2012

Go Believes

We first addressed this issue in a post on Sept. 6, 2011.  It's been almost a year, and our beliefs have not changed.  In fact, we've grown more committed to them.  We are more intentional about action on them.  We did discover that our commitment to being memorable and providing magic overlapped in definition, so we've combined them.  We also felt like we missed an important one that has been present from the very founding of Go - simplicity.  Here's our current expression of Go Believes: 

We Believe In a $6 Cup of Coffee:  Go Realty is a local, full-service, real estate company packed full of agents who delight in helping people buy and sell homes.  We have a catchy name, but we are not a discount brokerage.  People line up at Starbucks for a reason.  They have great coffee, an inviting space, and a premium brand that reflects the tastes of our generation.  Apple defines style.  In a world cluttered with computers and electronic gadgets, Apple stands out by offering simple, intuitive, and beautiful products.  Go Realty believes in a $6 cup of coffee...a premium experience for a select group of clients who value positive energy and unforgettable service.   

We Believe in Magic:  What raises the eyebrows, waters the eyes, and makes the lungs draw air?  Magic.  We believe in looking for the exceptional moments to create memories that will be shared again and again.  Who needs a commercial when you've already experienced magic?   Our goal in every transaction is to inspire the client to say, "I never knew a salesperson could serve me like that."  Our leaders look daily to add magic to the agents who are constantly giving it.  Whether its delivering balloons to a classroom, turning anger into trust, or bringing out a punching bag onto the sales floor - we look for what is uniquely magical to each person. Our mantra is "Be memorable."

We Believe in Giving Back: you reap what you sow.  Takers soon leave the soil depleted; we prefer a harvest.  Our community supports us with opportunities to sell homes and land.  We honor that opportunity by giving back.  Each of our agents has their heart strings pulled by a special cause.  It's not just giving money; its supporting a cause that matters. Personally.  Every transaction generates funds from our agents and the company.  Even more important is engagement.  Delivery, telling the story, and volunteering.  That's how we give back. 

We Believe in our Team: We don't hire just anyone. We look for very special people.  When they commit to us, we go crazy.  Delivering a check, placing a sign, and responding right now are what we like to do for them.  "I can help with that," is a hallmark answer from our leaders to agents and staff who need support. We are collecting the most creative, productive, and energetic team in real estate.  We got their back; it's all about supporting them on their way to peak performance. 

We Believe in our Clients:  We're not #1 in sales units.  We don't have a face on a truck.  It's not about market share.  The star of this show is the client.  What we do is all about making their goals and dreams come true.  "Welcome to Go!" when they walk through the door and making their homes the focus of the blog are some of the actions we take to demonstrate this commitment.  We love them, support them, and celebrate them.  We will stretch a bit farther and find one more way to make it happen for them.  

We Believe in Simplicity: Clear communication, everyday language, real people, genuine affection.  

We Believe in Change: We don't want to hide from it or dodge it. When we see the next big wave of change, we delight to grab our surf boards.  Something doesn't work? Scrap it.  Got a new idea?  Do it.  Things getting stale?  Change it.  We are passionate about performing the crazy idea.  Failures are truly okay.  We are nimble, quick, and ready to step out of, onto, or just plain over top of the box.  

We Believe in Being Better:  not by comparison to others, but by comparison to ourselves.  Serving better, making improvements, and growing our approach are fundamental and daily pursuits.  It's not all about work, either.  A ton of money has no value if it requires breaking one's spirit, body, or family.  Better in balance. Better in service.  Better in results.  We look for the daily adjustments that improve our performance and lives.