Monday, July 23, 2012

Tour Factory and EZ Sign Service

With all of the ways Go assists our agents in getting their listings ready for the market, it can get a bit confusing as to what is covered in our Listing Package - or specifically what is not. So lets break it down.

1) Tour Factory - Standard Photo Shoot - $75/$80/$85 (depending on location). Go provides the Standard Photo Shoot. This is an outstanding package and gives our agents up to 25 great scenes, a fabulous looking tour, plus syndication to over 100 trillion websites or somewhere close to that (yes, Kevin did make up that number!)

Two things to keep in my when you order your tour:
  1. If you choose add-on's, we will pass that expense on to you along with a $10 processing fee for each tour for which you have ordered an add-on. Our advice - save your money!
  2. If you request that a photographer re-shoot your listing because your homeowner was not prepared, unclothed at the time of the photo shoot, or you didn't like the way the house was staged, etc., we will pass along the $50 re-shoot charge to you with a $10 processing fee.

2) EZ Sign Service - Gone are the days of lugging around a shovel and sledgehammer to install those signs unless you continue that side work for the mafia. We've got a great service available to our agents that allows them to order sign install and removal with a few simple keystrokes. 

Some things you need to keep in mind when you order your sign install:
  1. Don't piss off Maria. 
  2. If there are specific instructions you need to convey about sign install location, please be sure to indicate as such. Keep it short and to the point.
  3. If you choose an Optional Elements (brochure box, rentable riders, etc.) along with your install, we pass that expense on to you along with a $10 processing fee.
  4. If you place a service call (other than a sign removal), we will pass that expense on to you with a $10 processing fee. 
We are pleased to provided you with these services and hope that you find them to be valuable part of the Listing Package Go Realty offers!