Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Success!

Anyone on a roller coaster ride trying to juggle your business, your kid's summer schedule, vacations, prospecting, etc.????

Summer is a time of change for many of us & adjustments need to be made to continue to have success. We're all going to need $$$ in the Fall & what we do NOW is the $$$ we'll see in the last quarter of the year.

So what's the secret? It's actually a very simple secret but one that may have fallen off your radar for the summer.......Coaching!

One of our Culture points is Go Believes in Being Better. Our 1 on 1 customized coaching is just one of the many things that differentiates us from other companies. Every agent gets to set both personal & professional goals with their coach & then determine an action plan to achieve them. Did you know both Karen & Michelle coach every week with Kevin? Yep....& did you know Kevin gets coached as well? How cool is that! We're all walking the walk together working each & every day on Being Better!

So if you've fallen off the wagon or need to reset some goals or just want to celebrate what's your coach! They want to hear from you!