Monday, July 23, 2012


Faxes, Faxes, who faxes anymore?  Well, we all do - occasionally, and some more than others.  Faxing is just not as popular as it once was and email, DocuSign, and that new mysterious thing called the iCloud - the days of the facsimile seemed to be numbered.

But some times you just cant get around sending or receiving a fax. So it's for that reason we have decided to add a fax number for each office rather than one main fax. And just as it's always been, your office Angel will ensure you receive your fax in a timely fashion.

Here are your office fax numbers:
Go Cary: 919.237.9247
Go Holly Springs: 919.324.1906
Go Durham:  919.890.0348

During business hours, Monday through Friday, faxes received will be forward to the known recipient.  It is IMPORTANT to notify anyone sending you a fax, to identify you on the fax so that there is not a delay in you receiving the fax from your Angel.

I bet you are now asking yourself, what in the world happens after hours?  I knew this may be a question as no real estate business ever takes place during banker hours, but usually when one is on vacation or during a 3-day weekend. So, here is the skinny:

Like I mentioned above, we won’t be forwarding faxes after a standard work day.  But what I have done, is researched other options for those thinking they may need a full time fax service.  Below you can see a selection of some of the online options for getting your very own fax number. 

Our office fax numbers are through  And in reading about RingCentral, I think I would like that one since it integrates well with Google Docs, Box, & Dropbox, all applications we currently use.  If anyone does go with RingCentral, we would love to hear your personal review on them. As well as others, please Yammer your input to us.

At the bottom is another option offered free through TMLS; Mongo Fax.  I have included the instructions for that service at the end of this blog.
$6.39/mo for 6 mos
$7.99/mo thereafter
7-day free trial
500 combined receive and send per month
Low-cost yearly plan with 6-month discount, nice tools and great mobile apps;
30-day free trial
500 combined receive and send per month
The free trial and easy-to-use online interface 

3. Fax87
15-day free trial
1000 combined receive and send per month
Low-cost plan for a large number of faxes, simple user interface and fast delivery

4. Nextiva
30-day free trial
500 combined receive and send per month
Low-cost plan and high number of pages; bare bones but a good value

5. MyFax
30-day free trial
100 send and 200 receive per month
The interface, free 800-number and free number porting are great, but monthly fax limit brings the rating down

6. MongoFax  (TMLS)
This link will take you to your TMLS login screen, once logged in you will be directed to the MongoFax info page.
MongoFAX empowers all Triangle MLS Subscribers to instantly fax paper-based documents (disclosure packages, signed contracts, etc.) directly to any email address. All you need is a fax machine and TMLS's designated MongoFAX cover page.

MongoFAX Resources:
MongoFAX Support:
Phone support:  866.482.2229
Email support: