Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go News Bulletin

Listings, Listings and More Listings!
This is Ron Burg...errr Laura Irwin reporting with a news flash - live from the Holla...

Our agents have a ton of listings, right? Yes, and no! Many Go agents specialize in listings however, others may have found their niche as buyer's agents.

So in order to feature listings on everyone personalized Go page, we have incorporated the company's listings to show on your personal page; your personal listings will appear first, followed by the company's.

This added feature will help showcase your individual listings as well as your fellow Go Rockstars!

You asked, we listened, now come look at our listings!

In other exciting Go news, our Fan Mail tab has been streamlined, allowing us to add four testimonies per agent!If you have more, and we know you do, we encourage you to feature these on your personal blog by creating a fan mail tab. Check out Katyna Bunn's personal blog at

Laura Irwin, signing off.