Tuesday, July 31, 2012


It's not easy for someone as "seasoned" as I to begin a new chapter in their life.  That is exactly what I did when I made the decision to leave a full-time job and start working part-time in June 2012.  The strong faith that everything would be o.k. parlayed my slight apprehension.  I like to say that I was not apprehensive at all but deep down I know I was.  So it was Monday, June 4, 2012 when I became a Go Realty employee--an Angel if you will--for the Durham office.

I was completely smitten with the Go "culture" as explained to me by Karen Roberts and Kevin Woody.  I heard what they were saying but I had no idea of the impact until my employment began.  I had always worked in the "executive" setting, with proper business etiquette and blue suit attire.  I took my time off AS SCHEDULED and created a senior management style that was pleasing.  Sad thing though, it wasn't necessarily pleasing to me.

I have always been a joker, space cowboy, gangster of love, Maurice.  Every chance I got (um, when the President was out of the office) I would interject my unconventional business side.  I would cook meals for the staff, throw ice cream parties, give my direct reports movie tickets and make them leave the office in the middle of the afternoon, put pink flamingos in the courtyard--yes, darling, we had a courtyard--and rescue turtles for safekeeping in that courtyard.  I once decorated a co-workers office with a fence, hay and mechanical pony for her birthday (another story).  Little did I know that deep down I would fit the Go Realty Culture like a glove--and it is a glove I hope I never have to take off.

It has been an awesome run since that Monday, June 4th--the day my Final Act began!  I've learned so much in such a short amount of time--yes, a lot about how I should do my job as an Angel but more about how to relax, have fun, and breathe.  A relaxing environment promotes a relaxing attitude and makes me much more productive and successful.

I am so excited to put on a good performance in Durham.  With the help of Karen and the awesome agents there, I look forward to accepting an Academy Award one day!!!

That's a wrap!