Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Even Better Half

Yesterday at the Go Show we acknowledged what a great start to 2012 you all have made.  Go is tracking slightly ahead of our goal to help 340 clients buy or sell their homes this year on the way to 75 million in sales for our agents.  Believe it or not, half of the year is g.o.n.e.  

Considering that the first half of 2012, has been terrific for us, why don't we just keep all this hot sales stuff going?  Let's refer to the next six months as The Even Better Half.   Find a way to stretch a bit farther today, serve with more innovation, and make a couple of extra calls. Remember, we do believe in getting better.   Special days are ahead for you, and its just a matter of us all doing the work.  Now on to the better half.  Enjoy.