Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tour Factory Coverage

Spring listing business has grown substantially for us at Go. As a result our support vendors are stretched.  Tour Factory is growing their business at large, and specifically our orders with them are way up. 

Kyle Ketchel, the lead operator with Tour Factory, recently reported to us that his team will soon be a four full-time photographers.  Kyle and Michael continue to be in high demand, favorites to most of us at Go.  Please consider working with the new photographers as opportunities arise and report the results to Kyle and your Go Team leaders - we can only improve with feedback.   

A few key reminders as you work with any of our vendors: 

  • Market activity is significantly up, so you're not the only one who is a lot busier.  
  • Courtesy is a minimum.  Let's treat vendors with amazing kindness. Inspire. 
  • Remember that the stress of trying to work out these appointments in a busy market beats the heck out of being able to schedule whenever you want on short notice.

Thanks, Kyle, to you and all your team at Tour Factory.  We appreciate the superb photography.