Thursday, May 24, 2012

Referral Fees

Remember the days at your old company when you had a 37-45% referral fee AND the "opportunity" to do tons of extra paperwork for a contact that came through the firm's marketing efforts and relationships?  Yeah, we think those fees and efforts are in the category of extreme.  

Two things about business generated by Go Realty efforts - no extra paper work. We are not looking for weekly updates, property reviews, or asking you to set up vendor services billed in your own name.  You're an excellent agent, and we are confident that you will perform.  

Second, we do have a referral fee.  Why?  It does cost money to have a company web site, provide engaging office space and purchase lead sources from companies like .  So what should you expect?  Referrals provided to agents by Go Realty generate a 20% referral fee back to the office. We think that's a great deal, and more importantly, it's fair for all of us. 

If your BIC provides you with a lead from 

  • or
  • You make a contact from a walk-in to the office
  • We get a phone call on an office number that leads to business for you

There will be a referral fee.  BIC's and Angels do work to keep track of these things but it's not their priority. More importantly we  trust our agents.  So please indicate on your TSS if a transaction produces a referral fee to Go.  We'll keep investing that money to multiply your efforts.