Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Madness... Social Madness!

This year, Go Realty will be participating in Triangle Business Journal's "Social Madness" contest.  There will be 3 phases to the competition where companies will be ranked based on a scoring algorithm that measures social influence.  The algorithm will gauge votes on, LinkedIn Connections, Facebook activity and Twitter followers.

There will be 3 separate competitions based on the size of the company.  We will be competing with the other "small companies."  Each competition will have its own winner.  The first of 3 phases begins tomorrow, June 1st and lasts until June 18th.  At the end of the "Open Phase," the 8 companies with the most points move to the next phase.  

The Local Bracket Phase starts June 19th  and ends July 16th while the National Phase goes from July 24th until September 19th.  At the end of the final phase, one company from each competition will be recognized as the national winner.  There is no prize for this competition except for recognition and the opportunity to designate a $7500 donation to a charity of choice.

What can you do to help?  First off, make sure you are following @gorealty on Twitter, have "liked" our Facebook page and follow Go Realty on LinkedIn.  As a team, we need to increase the number of Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and Facebook "likes."  Also, posting on or linking to any of Go's social media pages helps too.  For instance, if you talk about Go Realty on your Facebook page, link it to Go's business page by typing in @gorealty. 

This is a great opportunity for everyone to polish up their social media skills with the opportunity to get our company national recognition for it.  Like Kevin would say, "Let's see what we can stir up!"