Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Go Show

Alex Tribek and Drew Carey have yet to confirm for June Go Shows.  Even if they aren't in town, you can expect a lot from our meeting on June 5.

Here's the upcoming schedule for team meetings: 

  • Tuesday, May 29 - No meeting, take a break, you get some extra time in your day
  • Tuesday, June 5 - Go Show at Go Cary.  All Teams. Everybody. The entire company. 
  • Tuesday, June 12 - Go Huddles:  Go Durham and Go Cary at 123 Weston Parkway.
  • Tuesday, June 12 - Go Huddle in the Holla for Michelle and her crew.  
  • Tuesday, June 19 - THREE Go Huddles - in each of our fabulous office locations.  
  • Tuesday, June 26 - stay tuned for details.