Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Objection Monsters

I have heard two objections from Go Peeps about GoKomen that I want to address and arm you with some facts going forward.

1. "I don't really like to exercise and running a race is not my thing"

This event is about coming together as a team and raising funds to promote breast health research, awareness and education and provide breast exams and mammograms for women who can't afford it.  Also, the day of the event includes activities for runners, walkers, and families with children of all ages.  If you can't make it on race day, then you can support our team by signing up for the "Sleep-in" option.  Because of the comprehensive options available, 100% participation for Go Peeps is attainable.

2.  Komen and Planned Parenthood

Earlier this year, Komen pulled its funding from Planned Parenthood.  According to the Huffington Post, "Komen grants to Planned Parenthood amount to about $700,000 annually and have helped fund 170,000 clinical breast exams and more than 6,400 mammogram referrals in the past five years, mostly to poor women."  Komen's website states that 100% of its funding goes to breast health and the funds used by Planned Parenthood are audited by Komen two times per year.

Initially the decision to pull funding was politically motivated by a pro-life executive within Komen.  Komen's founder, Nancy Brinker, quickly took control and reversed the decision.  In a letter on its website, Komen states "We do not want our mission marred or affected by politics - anyone's politics."

Go Realty's position is that we don't have a position.  The pro-life/pro-choice debate is a highly polarizing topic that doesn't have a place in our GoKomen effort.  

I hope this information will arm you with enough information to lead someone down a path to support our effort.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.  Thank you.

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Jim Ellis