Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Danger, Danger!

As we mentioned in today's Go Show, a lot of us are in a dangerous place.  Sales activities way up, prospecting way down.  What's an agent to do?  During April we'll turn our attention to working with our most important contacts, our sphere.  Here's the list of activities that we came up with today for reaching them in the next days.  Great ideas, but they are much better when turned into action.  Pick one and get busy on it this month. 

  • Hit the Dollar Store for Easter Eggs in a box, drop in your card, deliver. 
  • Pop by's with an Easter lilly.
  • Postagram photo (download the app) - postcard all kinds of pictures.
  • Reminder to service HVAC Units
  • Deliver 9 volt batteries to freshen up the charge on smoke detectors
  • Mail 1cent stamps (cost just changed) along with a lottery ticket
  • Pay Day Bars on April 15th (Tax Day)
  • Go Komen Promotion 
  • Mail an Easter Card
  • Schedule a meal with your top contacts and networkers