Friday, March 30, 2012

Well It Was Good While It Lasted.......

Nobody told me we had 2 weeks to pay off the new office!  Toilets have been removed & are sitting in the kitchen!

Our first 10 days at Go HS have been very exciting! So many changes/additions have been made since our first Go Show.  We hope you'll come back by & hang with us for awhile.

Things we're already working on as townspeople/friends stop by....a weekly Weight Watchers Meeting; a Guitar Recital for students; a PTA meeting; Art Exhibits; Chamber events & so much more! Those who have stuck their head in have been shocked & amazed. Some have thought they walked into the wrong office! This is gonna be big.....REALLY BIG! We just need a little time & a lot of networking and we will own this town!

Fun things I've noticed from our agents as we get our groove on:

Garman Homes peeps are kicking some serious tail & are a well oiled machine
Every time Stephanie walks in the door she's turning in paperwork
Brenna tends to work from 9 pm to Midnight
Kari has figured out when the parking lot is full of people & is perched for walk-ins
Ricky is like a stealth invader....he shows up & quietly works.
Jill is structured & focused with about 28 files piled in front of her
Katyna was critical at our Scouting Happy Hour helping us connect with 1 agent in particular
Tammy loves the corner of the couch
Laura gets pulled in 55 directions every day just like Lisa
And I am the luckiest woman alive to be the leader of this amazing office

Oh yea....and JG wants & encourages us to leave newspapers laying around various tables. I know....right????

(No worries on the toilets...Garman Homes is doing some incredible remodeling/tiling this weekend so we're REALLY gonna be fancy next week!)