Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GoKomen needs some BFF's

1.  If you don't run...register.  There is a fabulous and fun 1 mile walk designed for families and non-runners.

2.  If you can't make it that day...register.  There is a "sleep-in" option.  Please support your fellow Go-sters and sign up.

3.  If you run...register.  There are recreational and competitive run options.

The race part is fun and well organized, but the real fun is after the run/walk is over.  There are a ton of free stuff, vendors, games and others stuff.  GoKomen runners will have our own VIP tent with munchies and other craziness.

As of today, we only have 20% of the organization registered.  It is important we have everyone register by March 31st so I can start begging for money to pay for our t-shirts and VIP tent. Sponsors are more likely to pony up the dough if we have 150 people registered vs. 30.


Thanks peeps!

Jimbo Ellis