Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GoKomen FAQ's

1.  What button do I click to register for the event?

Whether or not you can attend on race day, please click "Join GO Komen".  DO NOT chose the button labeled "Donate to this Team!"

2.  Once I click on "Join GO Komen" which race should I pick?

Whatever the heck you want...There will be several choices including running, walking, and "sleep in" options.  The sleep-in option is for Go peeps who can't make it on race day.  You will be added to our overall team numbers.  Choose whichever is comfortable for you.  Everyone will run or walk at your own pace and then we will meet afterwards for some hootenanny.  :-)

3.  Who is invited?

Families are strongly encouraged.  This day will be about leading our families and community in the art of giving back.  More info on how to invite folks coming the first week of April (think clients, family, business partners, church, etc.)

4.  When should I register?

I'm thinking right now would be good...www.GoKomen.com