Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Twitter and Your iPad/Trip to Vegas

Twitter is an important part of our Core Workout each day.  Just to let you know, I set up a list of all Go Agent accounts this evening that allows me to easily follow your posts, and I will check daily :)  Remember that your core workout includes one tweet each day and responding to five tweets by others.  That's part of how you get that iPad or a flight to Vegas.  A few of us need to dust off the Twitter account; its been a while.  I am missing a few accounts but those agents are getting back to me quickly so I can follow along. You can check our connection by seeing if I am in your followers list.

Two recommendations:  monitor how others post, particularly those you consider effective.  Don't worry about being exclusive to real estate interests. Follow topics and people that interest you.  For example, I follow religious leaders, Shaquille O'Neal, Dave Ramsey and my yoga instructor.  Not sure where it is all going, but it is a very interesting party.  Happy Tweeting!