Thursday, February 9, 2012

Top Producer : Listing Action Plan

Just added: the Go Listing Action Plan.  This is a template to help you get started in creating your own plan.  Go90x participants you will need to access it tomorrow for your cool down.

From the home screen in Top Producer, click on Calendar/Plans Manager.  Once there, highlight the systems tab.  Next, look to the right side of your screen and choose the drop down menu to change "Action Plans" to  "Listing Plans."  Once there, you will see the Go Listing Action Plan as a plan choice.  Open it, make a copy.  Then use your copy to make modifications and additions.

This plan provides a path to walk you through all the basic steps of serving your sellers from day 1 to day 180.  It is important that you make a copy of the plan in Top Producer and modify it to add your own personal touches.  As a Go90x step, you will need to show your plan to your trainer at one of your check ins next week.