Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Do I Get on That Boxscore?

We all want to have our work acknowledged.  And the competitive among us like to see where they stand. Be honest and admit it:  there is a certain thrill that comes from working your way up the list.  At Go Realty, you won't find a sales board in the back hall or paper certificates for monthly production handed out among your peers.  Although it's not our focus, we do keep track of sales results and how each agent performs.  Our resource for the effort is the Boxscore. 

Each week, our team receives the entire results of our listing, sales, and closing activities by agent.  It is a bit like stepping on the scale on the stage of a reality show, but accountability for results is a hallmark of great companies.  We aspire.  

So, how do you get your latest work on that boxscore?  A few critical steps are involved: 
  • Transaction Summary Sheet: new listings, buyer pendings, and pending listings all need a TSS so your Angel knows how to properly code the contract into our accounting system. Getting all this information harnessed is not easy.   No, angels won't extract the data from your contract.  That's an agent responsibility in our system.  You can handle it.  An incomplete TSS will generate an opportunity for you to get it right the second time :)  
  • The Contract - get all necessary documents and all the signatures from listing clients, sellers, and buyers. Oh yeah, a signature for earnest money and DD funds, too. 
  • Submit for Review: load your contract into Dotloop AND hit the SUBMIT FOR REVIEW button.  To quote that great agent, Johnny Cochran (RIP), You won't be legit, if you fail to submit. 
Deadline: Fridays at 5 pm is the cutoff for making the Boxscore that comes out the following Monday.

Following these steps helps us in several ways:

  • It insures that our Angels do not yell at Kevin, Michelle, and Karen.
  • It helps our Angels keep coming back to work on Mondays.
  • Accurate TSS forms allow us to get your year-end tax forms prepared accurately
  • Accurate TSS forms allow us to send out a thank you letter to co-broker agents at year end. 

These steps will light up the boxscore with all your hard-earned productivity.  We love seeing your score grow each week; let's all think pinball numbers.  We look forward to your next achievement!