Friday, February 24, 2012

Going from Good to GREAT......

One of my favorite points of our Go Culture is striving to "Be Better" in everything we do & who we are. Go90X plays an important part in that for all of us. It has been different for me this time as I am participating in Go90X from a Coach's perspective. I am seeing things from a completely different point of view. I love the determination I see as you tackle something new & get pushed out of your comfort zone; or hearing you say the phone calls are easier. My favorite is seeing your eyes light up when you share the response you received from your heartfelt notes & messages. The best part will be the financial benefits for you & your families.

Each of us is such an important part of Go & brings something different to our company. We've come a long way in 2 short years but still have so much to do. YOU are an important part of our future! I'd like to now challenge you one more time. In the quiet of the morning or late at night when you have 5 minutes to yourself, watch this video. Go90X will end next week. What can you do to continue to "Be Better?" It matter!