Friday, February 24, 2012

Go Folder$

At Go we have some really cool folders. For clients.  The office web cams show that agents are using the fancy folders to organize their working files, collect receipts, doodling, and hiding magazine clippings of David Beckham and Jason Statham.  

Since these folders are a hot item, For Clients, we are ordering more. Moving forward, our Angels will monitor folder allotments (one more reason to be nice to them).  We're pulling them from the open office bays that allow you scarf large quantities at 2:37 a.m. when the web cam routinely goes down for three minutes of maintenance.  Here's a recommendation for those of you with iPads: get rid of the paper folders!   Use Dropbox to organize all your contract docs.   

Now back to the fancy folders, For Clients:  you can still get them for personal use, but they will cost you some coin. See your office Angel for details.