Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Safety at Open Houses

Don't want to scare you but there has been some problems with criminal behavior at recent open houses in Apex (very dangerous community in the Triangle ;)... some of our rougher agents live there.) Key note is to always be alert and aware when working in open settings. Please see the information below regarding the problem in Apex.

A few other key reminders about open houses:

1. Always park on the curb, not in the driveway.
2. Let key people know where you are, and have a check in system.
3. Register all guests. Mention to guests that you have check in calls or other
agents supporting you.
4. Keep guests in front of you when showing them the home.
5. Advise your sellers to put away all jewelry and small technology items prior to the open house.
6. Carry a tazer ... nope, just kidding there. Do consider having pepper spray, a whistle, or small alarm device in your gear. Jenn Cole carries a 12 inch bowie knife.

Be safe!