Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Angels Update

What's going on with those Angels?  For those of you outside the office, Angels are the people who answer agent prayers - they run our offices, organize our paperwork, and solve problems from finding the stapler to depositing earnest money checks.  

Lisa Piazza is our lead Angel at Go Cary.  After seven months on the job, she is operating in full stride and getting us into excellent working shape with work flow, agent orientation, and bookkeeping.  As the company grows, Lisa will also become our archangel and manage all things admin.   

This week, we announced a new angel, Laura Irwin.  Initially, Laura will work from Go Cary, assist Lisa, and learn the ropes.  Her hours are part-time to start, about 15 hours each week.  When we open Go Holly Springs, Laura will take the lead Angel role there to support Michelle and the team. As that office grows in production, we will expand her schedule to full-time.  

In March, Karen and Kevin will start working to identify the right candidate to take on the Angel role in Go Durham.  By summer time, we plan to have the best team in the Triangle for supporting real estate professionals.  Where else can you find an Angel to help with your work? 

There is also a related Angel in our midst, her title is Guardian Angel.  A very important distinction here: Candace is not an employee of Go.  She works exclusively for agent Zach Schabot.   She IS very friendly, knowledgeable, and tech savvy, but not available for support to the entire team.  Please direct your support questions to Lisa and Laura;  Zach creates enough questions, problems, schedule conflicts, and listing paper work to keep Candace busy all day long anyway ;)

We are grateful for the support team that is developing.  Keeping our agents humming along is a primary focus, and we all need an angel to help us out from time to time.