Saturday, January 28, 2012

Top Producer - Dive on In

Okay, most of us are swimming around in Top Producer.  Wading out we have our feet wet with contact uploads.  A few of you even went a little deeper into the social media component.  Here's your opportunity to get chest deep: Action Plans.  

DahDaDaDah!  Today I set up the very first action plan from the Go Dashboard in Top Producer.  A basic 8x8 Action plan is now available to everyone working TP in the Go account. Here's how to reach it:  Calendar Icon/Plans Manager.  Once in Plans Manager look down just a bit and select the system tab.  In there you will find one lonely action plan called "1 Go  8x8 Follow Up"  - the 1 is there to put it at the top of the sort list.   No worries, we'll be adding more plans. 

Action plans allow us to assign a series of activities to a specific contact. With this specific plan, you have a tool to follow up any new contact for 8 weeks (like all the ones you will make during Go90x).  It's ready to use and you don't have to make any adjustments.  Every seven days for 8 weeks you will have a prompt to make contact with your new contact.  

A few notes: in follow up communications always communicate benefits to the contact.  It is not about what we want to say; it is about what meets a need.  Everyone likes to hear WIIFM.  Address each topic in a way that shows the contact how your resource will help them, solve a problem, or make a decision easier.  

For you aggressive types, you can modify this plan easily.  In Plans Manager, just make a copy and then get your edit on.  As we sharpen our skills, you can set up e-mails to go out without even logging into the system.  Pretty nice, huh?

For now let's just be like SCC and dive right on in to this first action plan from the Go platform.  Would love to get your feedback by e-mail or Yammer.