Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today we finally did it.  Monumental.  A Win.  Yep, we used every darn chair in the place. SRO - standing room only at the Go Show.  Congrats to everyone for attending the special Go90x Edition.  It was like walking into the command center of a nuclear power plant.  So much energy it made your skin tingle with the buzz.  Congrats to Paula for introducing us to three new agents (all of whom are going to be ggggrrrreat!).

Jim Garman was peeling off t-shirts like no tomorrow.  Exciting partnerships from Team Colbot ( a bunch of tools), the We're-Not-Quite-Hot-Sauce-But-Getting-There team, Caucasian-Asian Persuasion, and the Go Sassy Sista's.  Love the names!   And the coolest work books ever - thank you LISA!!!

The excitement of our agents was infectious, and we all left the meeting ready to tackle all the wacky tasks of the program.  Bring. It. On!   A few lessons:

1. Our collective power is an amazing force.  It is so important to be on a good team, one that is right for you personally.
2. Having fun makes you work harder, more effectively, and to great results.
3. We have a company that other agents WANT to join.
4. We are doing legendary stuff.  

and ....

5. We need to get more chairs for the next meeting.