Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prep for Go90x with Top Producer

Go90x: Vegas Edition launches in just a few days on Jan. 31st.  Many of us have been preparing.  Smart phone video, Twitter account in operation, and stretching those fingers for six phone calls each day are all part of getting ready.

This year Top Producer software has an important role in Go90x.  Most everyone at Go has an account in operation, but for those of you who don't ... well get ready :)    If you're still not sure about this commitment, you can take on the 30 day free trial with Top Producer during Go90x.  Bottom line:  you'll need it to play.  This week, we'll provide opportunities to give you a quick course in setting up with Top Producer and their support resources.  It is key that you activate an account this week so you can hit your prospecting Top Producer style on Jan. 31.   See Lisa for details on getting registered, Kevin can help you with an intro session this week.