Monday, January 9, 2012

Making it Happen

So most of us wrote goals in December, and we all got back to work this week with fresh ambitions.  What's the key to turning those agendas and dreams into reality?  As I have worked through the first coaching sessions of 2012, here are a few key steps for all of us to take:

1. It is SOOOO important to have written goals.  If you don't have them, it is never too late to put them on paper.  Load the file to your iPad home screen, print a copy for your notebook, or laminate the page and keep it with all your stuff.  Create a method that allows you to touch the goals in some physical format and read them routinely, at least three times each week.  Our minds attract that which is the subject of our meditations.  Perfect example - one of our agents identified political party engagement this year as a form of her prospecting.  Within a few days of stating that goal, a relevant congressional candidate introduced himself to her.  Accident?

2. Take small bites:  a little bit of work on the objective today is far more important than organizing for tomorrow.  Make the call, write the note, send the newsletter, post the blog.  Let every work day be characterized by taking action in the direction of your dreams.

3. Adjust: of course everything doesn't go as planned.  You may miss your daily contact goal, a scheduled workout, or a client doesn't show up.  It is easy to convert that energy into pouting or complaining.  A be better approach is to take that energy and apply it to positive adjustments to your deadlines and goal counts. A no-show prospect creates some extra time for effective twittering.  Missing the gym today doesn't mean I can't get there tomorrow.  You can revise your goals daily, weekly and monthly. Smart people do.

As I review agent goals for this year, I get more and more excited about what we will accomplish.  Things don't have to remain as they have been, we can create even better results, and we can transform our lives.  Knowing where you're headed and really committing to the outcome will get you there.