Thursday, January 26, 2012

Listings: What's Essential?

No matter who's an agent or what technology brings our way, the fundamental building block in real estate sales is the listing.  Imagine a warehouse with no boxes, a grocery story with no bread, or a coffee shop with no beans.  A real estate company with no listings finds itself in the same predicament: no inventory to excite, attract, and interest buyers.  Ours is an industry where the inventory is strangely shared between competitors.  However, stable real estate agencies usually control a strong segment of the listed homes.  

As agents it is important to keep our attention on earning the trust of sellers and performing well in their behalf.  Walk into any real estate office in America, and you will find that the top performing agents are the ones who regularly list property. Our offices follow that pattern too: top agent, top lister.  

So what's essential to serving our selling clients at Go Realty?  From time to time its good to focus on our basic services.  Like baseball players entering spring training, we return regularly to drill on the fundamental service steps.  Take a few minutes to measure your service work by the activities below.  Where do you need to apply some extra attention or improvement? 

Let's start with our property assessment:  our appraisal vendor measures the homes and provides a floor plan drawing, the most basic information about a home.  It's critical to get that right.  That's just the beginning of our service, where do we go from there?  Here are other key steps: 

  • Send the electronic file of your floorplan to your office Angel so you can get a web link created.
  • Enter that web link on your property blog, MLS entry, and post
  • Schedule your photos with Tour Factory
  • Update and maximize the available options on Tour Factory and post the video slides to the property blog, MLS, and
  • Create an engaging blog for the property.  At Go EVERY listing has its own blog.  Dynamic, focused, and frequently updated. This is a hallmark of our agency. 
  • Introduce the sellers and property to your team.  Email a welcome note to the sellers with a link to the blog and cc your Go office mates.  We all get to preview the property online within the first few hours of listing.  
  • Weekly, proactive communication with sellers. Every seven days.  EVERY.  We reach out to our selling clients with news on their home and the market.  The expect regular communication, and we deliver. 

We all have our own special sauce to add to the process, but these are the essentials for serving our selling clients.  Listings are fundamental and we work to stock the shelves full.  For the client, the listing is a huge step in their life walk.  It's a serious trust to represent them, and our work standards reflect that trust.