Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Not Every Day

It's not every day that we can announce a decision like this one.  We're fortunate to have exceptional agents at Go, but today an exceptional leader joins our team. This week Karen Roberts accepted our invitation to become the new team leader for Go Durham.  With good reason, we're making a lot of noise about it.  Quite simply, she's a game changer.

Karen has eighteen years experience as one the best performing sales agents in the Durham market (she started when she was twelve ;)  Her entire tenure has been with Fonville Morisey, one of our most respected competitors.  She doesn't change affiliation lightly, and we're honored to receive her trust.  

In the realm of Durham agents, she's a rock star. Respected by her peers and endorsed by her clients, Karen knows Durham like few people do.  She builds relationships, takes care of business, and now she is ready to transition her career to a new chapter.

One of the things we like most about Karen is her integrity. Doing things right is really important to her.  She has checked us out like very few people have.  She's honest, fair, and compassionate. Karen's a learner.  A lot of what we do at Go isn't "normal" to her, but she has been getting to know us for a while.  We're excited that she is joining our movement.

Karen and her husband, Len, have raised two great sons - one in the U. S. military and one a student at East Carolina University.  Service is one the great themes of their family.  They are a truly special unit.

Go Durham and the rest of our team are pumped about Karen's arrival.  Please welcome her on Facebook, and she'll have her whole blog and Twitter thing running soon. Give her a few days, and then you can find content at those sites.  Karen Roberts works at Go.  WOW!  Today that journey starts; a day we'll remember for a very long time.