Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Detox is a pretty strong word.  Not exactly what one might expect to describe the process of joining a new company.  Over the past 18 months, we have been fortunate to observe the process of many new agents joining our firm.  A pretty clear pattern has emerged. We've come to call it detox.  As life changing as chemical detoxification, joining Go Realty can reset an agent's professional career.  Here are some of the changes we notice during detox.

Energy: after working in a tough market and arriving from a limiting office environment, most new agents have a surge of positive energy. They flush the gripes, frustrations, and limitations that led them to make a change and create space for something better.

Innovation: Jim and I often raise our eyebrows when a new agent says, "I didn't know I could do that."  From our perspective, we expect agents to try new activities, take on something different, and experiment. It's not about limitations; it IS about possibilities. Part of the detox process is letting go of the impact of a permission driven, high-control environment.  We offer a place that supports innovation, and for many that's a big change.

Freedom: our culture is one that has only a few "have-to's".  Instead we  encourage "want-to's".  Agents get excited when they take the wheel and know that they are going to set the destination.  From a leadership level we're focused on helping you identify and reach your own goals. Getting professional arteries unclogged leads to transformation.

Renewal: After three to six months, most of our agents are different professionally.  More relaxed, renewed in purpose, and on their way to higher levels of productivity.  Something's different; they are different.  It doesn't happen immediately, but we sure do like the change.