Monday, December 12, 2011

Top Producer - Was it Worth It?

Congrats to all who invested three hours in Top Producer training last Friday.  Today is when you begin to decide if you wasted your time or not.  What I mean is that Top Producer is an incremental project.  It takes several months to fully implement the tools the software offers.  To succeed takes regular investment in short bursts.  Consider taking 20-30 minutes three or four days each week to work at it.  Start simply.  Here are some tips for your work this week: 

  • Day 1: review your notes from the training session, pick the three most important activities.  Start on #1.
  • Day 2: review five key contacts, connect the social media tools, make a call and add notes. Be sure to schedule the appropriate follow up.
  • Day 3:  Continue working on your key activity #1.  
  • Day 4: review five more contacts, and follow that pattern.
  • Day 5: Start on Key activity #2

Note: as you review key contacts, consider looking up the tax records for those who are local home owners.  Identify their purchase date, and make that a recurring anniversary in their activities.  Give yourself 7 days notice before that anniversary to prepare a market review you will e-mail them on their date.