Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top 10 Go Realty Events in 2011

Last week at the 2011 Go Show Finale, we shared our Top 10 events for the year.  Normally, these lists are satirical in nature, a way to poke fun at our ourselves, our competitors, and our industry.  But this particular list was more serious and sentimental.  We thought it would be good to add it to the public archives of Go.  In case you're counting, there might even be more than ten items, too.  Here's what was really important for us in 2011, in no particular order:

  • We added 1,258 new friends on Facebook
  • We opened Go Durham with a spectacular team of agents.
  • We helped clients, friends, and family with over 140 transactions (double last year) 
  • Michelle steps into leadership
  • Kari's husband gets a new job
  • Karen's husband goes through successful cancer treatment and back to work
  • Cassie and her family get a new home and Stacie can finally sleep well in hers.
  • We got to meet Brantley! 
  • 4 boys found a new home with Dave and his partner.
  • Lindsay and Kristi both delivered beautiful, healthy babies. 
  • We're still standing after one of the toughest years ever in real estate. 
  • God has been good to us in more ways than we can count.