Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hey, How'd They Get Here?

Everyone at Go should be familiar with the process of referring an awesome agent to us. If you don't know how it works, come see me! Or just read on.

So, Michelle told me about this little chicky, Maria. So I called this Maria chick up.  We met for lunch where we chatted and really seemed to get along. I know how important it is for people to really see us in our "at home" setting. So, I invite Maria to the Go Show. We after that, Maria was wanting to just hang our in our office.  And she did, for about two weeks....then finally she just joined us.  Because Michelle got permission from Maria for me to contact her, Michelle will get 1000 big ones! Upon Maria's first closing Michelle will collect $400, when she has closing #2 Michelle will collect $300, from  Maria's 3rd, $200 and from her 4th $100.

Well now, Miss Maria says, "Hey, I know a guy who I think would fit our culture and embrace our model, let me see if he'd like to chat with our Talent Scout.  And yes, Jim Ellis did want to chat with me and he joined. Well look here, now Miss maria gets 1000 smackaroonies! She will receive it the same way Michelle will.

Here comes, Ms. Breena Rouse who says, "Dang, I got someone too!" OK, maybe she didn't say those exact words. However, she sets up the intro between me and Ms. Katyna Bunn and here we go again...Ms. Breena is gonna collect 1000 hot dollars!

Also, there are a few more peeps coming on board...but for now, gotta keep it on the DL. For those of you who don't know...down low, hush hush, quiet, can't tell,..... you get the picture!

Now, here's how I see it from an agents perspective.  I thinking I could have 6 closings this year. Well, that's 6 potential brokers that you could refer. I know, I know, there are some brokers that just won't fit here. You are right! Not all brokers will be the lucky winners. However, you probably know 6 brokers whether or not you have worked with them, that are people you want to be in business with between Durham, Cary and Holly Springs and all the places in between.

Back to you.  If you gave me the names of 6 rockin' brokers, that's potentially $6,000! Cool, right? What would you do with your $6,000? That's a lot of loot! So imagine if you gave me one a month and they joined? That would be $12,000 cold hard cash in your hands!

Just sayin!