Thursday, December 22, 2011


Yep, you're cranked up for Christmas at this point, but here's a few dates to write down so they don't sneak up on you: 

Go Two: the event to celebrate our second birthday will be a party of magical and memorable proportions.  Please mark Saturday evening, Jan. 14th, 8-11 pm for a grown up night with your significant other and all the members of the Go/Garman teams.  Enjoy desserts and beverages to help us all celebrate, and yes, the game will be on in the conference room.  Our guest focus will be agents we want to work with us.  Be thinking about who and pass those names along to Paula.  We want to hang out with the best agents in the Triangle who could flourish even more by joining Go. 

Go90x: we'll begin the wildest thirty days in real estate on Monday, January 30th.  iPads are on the line and an alumni prize that only Jim Garman could dream up.  All the details unfold when we enter the new year. 

Pajama Day: It only happens every four years.  Wear your pajamas to Go Cary on Feb. 29th. We'll watch movies, work on crazy projects, and maybe even get some work done.  No pajamas, no entry; except for the UPS guy.