Saturday, November 5, 2011

Your Database, Your Future

I believe an agent's database is one of her most valuable assets; how you manage that database directly impacts your personal income.  Over the past 6 months, I have read and researched different tools that we could supply at Go to help you in this area.  After much evaluation, we have decided that we are going with Top Producer.   We have  made a very weak effort to support this tool in previous months, and there is lots of room for improvement. 

First let me give you my perspective on Top Producer's benefits: 
  • As of last week, it now works on the iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Integration with the Facebook and Twitter accounts of our contacts
  • Action Plans to manage your repetitive  practices like contract-to-closing or 8x8
  • Coaching tips and what to discuss guidelines
  • Training with our regional representative in OUR offices bi-monthly
  • Email and postal campaign abilities 
  • Integration with Go Realty marketing pieces that we will create in the future

 As a company, we will make a financial commitment to this tool to improve your prospecting.  Top Producer Accounts currently cost $40/month for individual agents with a one year commitment.   With Go sharing in the cost with you, we can offer Top Producer to you at $20/month whether you are new or transferring into our group billing. 

Some of you have worked with this tool in the past, others are active users, and some have yet to engage.  Regardless of your experience, I encourage you to get involved and join us in our team effort to ring every drop of productivity we can from our contact lists.  

We will discuss more at this week's Go Show, and please reserve Friday, December 9th, 10-1 pm for our first training session with Bruce Craig from Top Producer.  
Here's a video to give you additional background: