Monday, November 28, 2011

What's a Go Agent?

As I talk to agents throughout the Triangle one of the questions I have encountered is “What’s a Go Agent?” I love the question, but to answer it succinctly is challenging.  When I give it some thought, here’s what surfaces. A Go Agent is
  1.  A Full-Timer.  They approach the business as a career and a craft, not a hobby or part-time pursuit. 
  2. A Client-Maniac.  They study each client and create a unique experience that exceeds expectations.
  3. A Business Builder: Go agents are adept at creating business relationships on their own.
  4. Creative like Lady-Gaga: they invent new ways to market, promote, and get those contracts.
  5. Technology-Dangerous: we love the new stuff, the most recent app, QR codes, and the latest iPhone.
  6. Social Media Intensive: online-most-all-the-time.  We stalk Mark Zuckerberg, tweet our thoughts, and blog with intensity.
  7. Online Celebrities: Go agents have video and they’re not afraid to use it.
  8. High Elevation Attitude: We believe the adage, “Attitude determines altitude.”  Go agents have attitudes that take us all to the top.