Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What They Said About You Today

Today the second largest company in our market made a big announcement.  A company of 500+ agents was forced to respond to how you are serving clients and changing the service model in our area.  Here's what I heard them say about Go real estate agents:

  • They're ahead of us in technology; we better imitate. 
  • They're ahead of us in energy; we better step it up. 
  • They're ahead of us in innovation; we better hire a consultant. 
  • We like our agents, but not enough to transfer ownership.  

As I thought about this announcement from a company perspective, here's my conclusion.  They can buy all the product that comes out of Cupertino or Redmond, but we have the secret weapon.  It's never about the technology; its always about the people.  You, the Go Agents, are distinct in attitude, learning ability, and adaptability.  You got skillz; you got swagger.

Today the competitor responded to what we're already doing to innovate and change how real estate is done.  Feel good about that.  You're out front.