Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Be Better: Listings

This month we are are taking 30 days to be better in our listing presentations.  Thanks to those who shared their experience this morning at the Go Show.  We discussed the question, "What   are the benefits of Go Realty that are most appealing to sellers?"  Here are some of the key points that you may want to work into your presentations: 
  • Smaller Company:  The value of going anti-corporate, local owned, and personal attention from an organizational level. Relationship is a key benefit. 
  • Professional Photography:  TourFactory is the best, and you have them in your corner. Be sure to provide them examples. 
  • Cool Technology: QR Codes, Blogging, and productive use of the iPad. Let them see it. Consider allowing them to hold the iPad and control the pace of the conversation. 
  • Internet Syndication: Explain the value of ListHub and all the sites to which their property information posts.  All TMLS agents have this resource; few can articulate the details. 
  • Positive Perspective:  a negative review of the market to sellers is common among other companies.  The positive attitude and can-do energy of Go is a strong appeal.  Make sure you bring it to your appointment. 
  • Communication: your commitment to frequent communication is a plus. Demonstrate with cc's, texts, and weekly calls what you are doing. Particularly powerful is an intro e-mail to showing agents before they see the house to point out little things and offer your service, be sure to bcc the sellers on that effort. 
Throughout November we will provide opportunities to improve your listing appointments in both content and technique.  Prospect heavily for sellers over the next 75 days, and you will find yourself in great position for success in 2012 and the upcoming spring market.