Friday, October 28, 2011

Some Helpful Info from Hunter @ DotLoop

DotLoop allows all parties to negotiate in an online environment to complete a transaction. To negotiate online using DotLoop's Version-NOW forms (the forms in your library), agents choose to 'Send Online' which sends a link to the invited agent. The link allows the invited agent to view, modify, e-sign, and invite their clients into the system for e-signatures (eliminating the need to print and/or upload to other e-sign software).

Because the link and 'sharing concept' is a newer technology, I advise DotLoop users to convey some of the following points so that the other agents realize the value of our collaborative work space.

1. By following the link you will be able to view, modify, e-sign, negotiate, invite your clients for e-signatures, and/or print.
2. This is completely free to you and DotLoop will not SPAM you asking to join.
3. DotLoop is a third party e-signing platform and your clients information is completely secure.

On another note: Agents can create form sets under their 'My Account' tab. This eliminates the need to search through the forms library every time they create a Loop. It also allows them to save specific information within fields so that the forms will auto-fill when they choose a specific form set (like a template). This and much more can be seen through our short, informative videos. This link will take you to the videos Easy Videos!


Hunter Morgan