Monday, October 17, 2011

Shameless Plug

Okay, I admit.  This post is pretty focused on, well, me.  Two quick things, for those of you who are growing and learning your real estate skill set, I would like to recommend my blog:

To those subscribed, thank you.  A few of you subscribed but did not confirm the feedburner email that followed.  I won't mention names, Christine and Paula, but you have to confirm the subscription with the follow up e-mail to receive the updates.   If you find the blog useful, please share it with other agents outside of Go, a tweet here and there on posts you like would help me expand my social media kingdom as well.  I would like to build bridges to go-able agents through this blog.

Second, today begins a week long opportunity to vote for  the Board of Directors of the RRAR. Watch for the ballot from the association in your e-mail.   Jill and Nam were not yet official a few weeks ago, so I arranged for a postponement of the vote in order to stuff more chads in my box with their help. Yes, some of you did vote two weeks ago, but that was a practice vote.  I humbly ask everyone to vote this week and make five calls to agents at other firms to harrass them to vote for me, too.  In the words of the great philosophers, Bartles and James, "Thank you for your support."  (Young people, you can google it).