Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making the Most of REBAR (and other conventions)

Tomorrow about a third of our team will attend the Raleigh REBAR Camp to discuss technology tools for real estate.  It's a great chance to disengage from the routine.  Like most conferences there is the opportunity to learn new approaches and expand our networks.  Here's a few tips:

Don't Huddle:  it's easy to sit with people you know, especially co-workers, at these events.  Fortunately we have the opportunity to interact with Go Agents frequently.  Remember that in conference you have a once-in-a-lifetime appointment to meet people that rarely travel our way.

Have a Strategy: decide what you really want to learn.  Look over the options, set your course, and work through it.  It's okay if the majority of the attenders go to breakout talk B, but your interest is in the smaller group attending breakout A.   By nature REBAR does not set the format until we participate to create it.  For the preliminary agenda,  click here.

Connect:  some of the Triangle's most innovative agents will be at REBAR tomorrow. National and regional experts will be there, too.   Get to know them.  Ask questions, remember to say "tell me more about that," and make them feel special.  I bet you gain something yourself from those steps, and you will make a new friend in the market.

Focus on Action: we'll receive more ideas than we can ever implement at this and most other conferences we attend.  Far more important than what we learn is what we will do.  As you go through the day, build a list of potential ACTIONS you can take.  At the end of day, before you go to sleep on Friday night, be sure to write down the three most valuable actions for you take. Schedule time in your calendar next week to take action on those steps.  If you don't take action, you have just wasted a day in advanced daydreaming.

REBAR Camp is one of my favorite events, and I am glad that others of you are investing your time to attend.  I look forward to sharing the day with you, and let's put everything we can into it and take away all that we can to better serve our clients.