Monday, October 3, 2011


What's possible?  A lot of stuff.  What's impossible?  Now that's the answer that makes life  interesting.  

Jason Lezak was thirty-two years old in 2008.  He grew up in competitive swimming, but a man  his age had no business hanging around the pool with the super bods in tight suits.  Really, he was even starting to go bald.  Strangely enough, he found himself in an impossible position in the summer of that year.  

Far away from home, he waited on the starting blocks in Beijing, China.  All week long, the French team, world-record-holding team, had talked the smack about beating down the field in the 4x100 relay.  Talk about impossible, Lezak would compete directly on the anchor leg against Alain Bernard - who held the world record in the companion individual event.  Top it off, Bernard was going to get a two-yard head start on the final leg. Impossible.  At this level of sport, you don't catch someone like that. Oh yeah, one more thing.  Michael Phelps had to have this race to keep that whole eight-gold-medal thing going. Pressure.  Well, here's what happened in grainy video: 

Impossible? yes.  Achievable? OH YEAH. 

Tomorrow, we ask you to bring one mind-blowing goal of your own to the Go Show.  Something that if you achieved it in the next 12 weeks would rock your world, change your life, surprise everyone around you, and radically alter your business.  Even more dangerous, we are going to ask you to share that goal. Write it, speak it, and pursue it.   Give it some thought, and let's see what can happen as we decide to do something impossible.