Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Got a Fever ...

Thanks everyone for embracing ROctober and the More Cow Bell theme we introduced at the Go Show this morning .  We will prospect all month long with the enthusiasm of Will Ferrell on the cow bell.  Keep it close by to push you through your barriers and stir up your energy.  

Collectively, we set a BHAG of 17.75 million in sales pending and closed for the 4th Quarter.  We'll keep track, post weekly, and let's use that cow bell magic to make great things happen for our clients through the end of this year.   We recently passed one of Cary's long-time franchise offices in production, and we want to keep climbing.  Post your cow bell anecdotes to Yammer, and consider working the theme for your blogs.  Maybe even deliver a few cow bells yourself? 

Thanks to Lisa for pulling off the impossible.  Who can get a collection of cow bells in under 24 hours to meet my last minute request?  Truly remarkable!   In addition, she pulled of this crazy video: