Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy ROctober!

October is a month that really makes a difference for real estate professionals.  It's the start of the fourth quarter, the Parade of Homes launches, and most sales people begin to believe "the market is slowing down."  Don't buy that last idea!   Like a strong weekly finish on Friday afternoon, October offers the opportunity to finish off your year with expedition rather than retreat.  While everyone else is slowing down, take your heaviest boot and stand up on that accelerator.  More calls, more blogs, more mail, and of course, more video (not to mention more cow bell).

The whole cow bell scene fires me up!  Let's take Will Ferrell's enthusiasm and just go nuts with it this month.  What if you prospect with his passion for the next 30 days? As long as you pull your shirt down, I think it can work.  While everyone is winding down, let's crank up our efforts.  More cow bell!

As a company, we have closed 24 million in sales this year. Can we go beyond 30 million in sales for the year?  What can you do toward achieving or exceeding your own goals? Now that Will, Tammy, and Robyn are here :)  I think we have a chance.  Wouldn't you rather finish the year with a racing heart beat than a tired yawn?

Come ready to think about your own goals this Tuesday during the Go Show.  What's possible for you to achieve in the last 13 weeks of the year?  We will work to get clarity and of course, write it down.   Limber up and get ready because we are going to have a whole lot of cow bell in ROctober.